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Frequently Asked Questions

How many treats should I eat to notice an increase?

Typically, this depends on your own body and your personal milk supply. Lgg's recommended amount of cookies per day is 3-5. brownies 1-2 per day, and drinks 1-2 per day.

How should I store my lactation treats and lactation drinks?

Lgg's lactation treats are shipped completely fresh. Once your lactation treats have arrived, treats can be stored in a dry space for up to 3 weeks. We recommend for best results is to freeze treats up to 4 months. Treats defrost within 1-2 hours and are just as soft and good as they arrived!

Lactation drinks can be stored, sealed in a dry place for 6 months!

How long does is take to receive my lactation treats?

Orders take approximately 7-10 business days (excluding weekends/holidays) to update with an esimated shipping date. When you receive your tracking number, this just means a label has been created and your order is in line to be baked. Once your order is baked, the lactation treats ship out same/next day and your label will update with the estimated arrival. (Appoximately 1-5 days.)

Why don't you use fenugreek in your products?

Although fenugreek has shown an increase in milk supply in some mothers, it has also has shown no increase or even a decrease in some other mothers milk supply. With that being said, LGG has decided to use much safer lactogentic ingredients in our products that have shown better results to ensure more success in increasing milk supply.

What is a "weekly booster box"?

The weekly booster box is an already discounted lactation treats box. The box will include exclusive lactation treat flavors that are not offered on the menu, and the contain more galactagogues. (lactogentic ingredients) Lgg's weekly booster box changes every week for moms to enjoy different types of treats! This is not a subscription box.

Do you accept refunds/returns?

Because we work hard to bake all products completely fresh, all sales through LGG are completely final.

When will I notice an increase in my milk supply?

Being that we all have a very different breastfeeding journey, results may vary and are not quareanteed, we like to recommend you take the products as directed for a week to take full effect. Some moms will notice within the first day, some need a little longer to notice a boost.

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